Question by Groovy Giraffe Wheels: What are some important things everyone should know?
I wish there was a site that basically gave an overview of life… there are too many subjects!! If someone wants to learn and improve their life, where do they even start???

Here are some things I think everyone should learn about:

1. Understand evolution is true… and how it explains why all species are the way they are. This is important because it helps you understand yourself and gives you a realistic perspective through which to base your overall view of life.

2. Understand that religion and the concept of “god” is mythological. People made up stories. If there is a supernatural being that exists, then it’s a mystery and there is no reliable evidence for it. This is important because you cannot be totally free as long as you are uninformed. Beliefs based on irrational faiths with do not correspond with actual evidence are unreliable and lead you to live nonsensically.

3. Understand how governments and political systems operate, especially in your own country. Know the difference between the political parties or “wings” and how laws are created and upheld. This is important because you must be aware of what your freedoms are and whether your life is the best way possible.

4. Understand basics in how the economy operates. Have a basic understanding of money and how it is distributed in the world, as well as where the finite resources are.

5. Be aware that humans are over-reliant on depleting, finite resources to survive. This is unnecessary. There is an over-abundance of available energy from many sources (such as solar energy) which would power the world easily… our global problem is not whether we have enough energy, it is that we, as a species, must find a way to choose which energy sources to implement into our society and how to efficiently utilize it for everyday life.

6. Understand that the earth is a small bit of dust within the cosmos and that there is so much out there that we have yet to observe within our own galaxy and especially beyond our galaxy. It is extremely possible that there are billions of life forms apart from earth which are yet to be observed by our species.

7. Understand some music theory and that intelligent art is under-recognized in the mainstream world. If you want to make the most of your appreciation for the arts you have to actively learn about how art is created, what makes it beautiful, and then look for the best art yourself. For example, music is one type of art becoming progressively less creative in the mainstream and that is not good for inspiring a culture to become more creative and thriving with innovation. We, as a species, have to inspire one another. The most musically talented and truly creative people are not being rewarded for what they could offer our society. So you must go find it yourself. You must search for interesting and intelligent art. We, as a species, are out of practice with recognizing real talent and creativity. Creative and talented, unique musical artists from Bach to Hendrix would have a harder time selling records in today’s commercialized mainstream shallow, auto-tuned predictable music industry. The same is true with many other forms of art… it needs your support. But first you must learn about how music works. I recommend you learn a little about music theory and maybe even how to play an instrument.

8. Understand the basic concepts in modern physics and cosmology. In our universe, matter seems to only make up about 5 percent of everything in the universe. The rest of the universe is made of “stuff” that we have never detected in the laboratory. Nobody on earth knows what it really is yet! That is exciting and amazing. Scientists attribute the remaining 95% of the universe’s mass to be 33% from “dark matter” and 62% “dark energy”. Nobody knows exactly what dark matter or dark energy actually are… but dark energy is distributed uniformly throughout the universe and it is believed to be the cause of the universe expanding. Also, learn a basic understanding of the big bang theory, atomic theory, relativity/gravity, the four fundamental forces of nature, and string theory, the double-slit experiment, and that there are likely 11 dimensions in reality! You don’t have to know mathematically how all of this came to be… but you do need to be aware of all of this to be a well-informed and educated person in this era, in my opinion.

9. Understand that being alive is short in the grand scheme of time in the universe. You are incredibly lucky now.

Those are some things I’ve learned. If I had the chance to tell the world a few things to learn, I’d recommend them learning those things. I want to know what you think are some of the most important things to know as a human being. So… what are some of the most important things you think everyone in the world should know???

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Answer by Jessica M
What the word truncation is.

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