Question by smiley☺: Do we always need to be able to “see” things before we can be sure of their existence?
Can you relate this to atomic structure theory?

hmm, i though tthis was rather an interesting question. We all (well most) accept that there are atoms and that within those atoms are sub-atomic particles. Are we too heavily reliant on scientific methods and hence people’s theories which have been deduced from induction.

So can we actually be sure that things exist before we have actually seen them?

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Answer by Pareidolia
Well as an analogy, how do you know that 1000+1000=2000? You have never seen two sets of 1000 items combined to form a set of 2000 items. You know this from induction, or logic based on other observations. Similarly scientists know that certain things are almost certainly true because what they observe in experiments can only make logical sense if those conclusions are true. So you are still dependent on observation and logic, but it is not such a leap of faith.

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