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Moving to Texas, and need help to order Electricity.? - Amigo Energy Q&A

Question by Digital Man: Moving to Texas, and need help to order Electricity.?
I am moving to Plano Texas.
Which electricity company should I pick? I hate to make a two years contract and then find out there was lots of hidden charges.
Available companies in my area are:
Reliant Energy, TXU, Green Mountain Energy, Direct Energy, First Choice power, Texas Power, Amigo Energy, Simple Power.

Please advise. I’ll pick the best answer later.

Best answer:

Answer by Weimaraner Mom
Go with TXU, they are one of our landlords for our telecommunications towers in my dealings with them they’ve been great.

It’s tough to choose since Texas electricity has been deregulated, even if you go with TXU, another company provides the lines and the power etc. I like just having one power company, granted you’re stuck paying their rates but it takes the guess work out of who to call when there’s a problem.

Good luck

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