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Texas power recommendations? - Amigo Energy Q&A

Question by Jeff P: Texas power recommendations?
I’m moving to Texas soon and need to set up my electricity. Called TXU and they wanted an outrageous deposit. My apartment complex gave me a list of other providers, but I know absolutely nothing about them. Any suggestions, comments, etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Answer by T.J.
Go to
Type in your new zip code and they will give you quotes on all the electrical providers. Choose the cheapest one. It is usually best to sign up for a long term contract of a year or more. Never sign up for a month to month plan because they will raise the rate and you will be paying double what everybody else is paying.

You are really just choosing what price you want to pay and who is going to be sending you the bill. It has no effect on who services your power lines, that is a seperate company that does all the power in your area. So there is no reason to pay more for the same service, go with the cheapest one.

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