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What are some “self-sustaining” energy sources that I can use at home? - Bounce Energy Q&A

Question by Vincent: What are some “self-sustaining” energy sources that I can use at home?
I know that “free energy” is put down as a scam or fake like perpetual motion machines, but perpetual motion machines do technically exist. We call them “atoms”. So, since perpetual motion machines exist, it puts “free energy” into a much more controversial light. So the questions now should be, “Does it exist?”, “How does it work?”, “How do I make it?”, and “Who can I meet that has made it?”
Can someone give me any answers, or point me toward some answers? I also don’t want people to tell me it doesn’t exist because I know that there are hundreds of people saying that they use “free energy” and Nikola Tesla wanted to make a tower to give the world free energy (it was shut down by J. P. Morgan.), so I want to know if there is any truth to what I hear. Thanks!
Without running a electrical cable to my neighbors outlet. 😉

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Answer by John
Very simply you run an electoral cable to your nearest neighbor’s outside outlet.

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