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Is “Direct Energy” a better deal than Terasen Gas? - Direct Energy Q&A

Question by Peter: Is “Direct Energy” a better deal than Terasen Gas?
A “Direct Energy” salesman just came to the door, and wants me to sign up for “Direct Energy” He was a high pressure salesman, and it took 10 minutes for me to just say to him I want to think about it, come back later. He said if we switched to “Direct Energy” we would still get our natural gas bill from Terasen, but that “Direct Energy” would be supplying it. They would lock in the rate that I am paying now, so I wouldn’t pay more… There seemed to be two catches to me, but I couldn’t get answers from him. 1- Gas prices seem to be going down, so would I be locked into the higher rate? and 2- he mentioned a $ 100 administration fee if we went back to Terasen. Anybody have experience or knowledge with alternate natural gas suppliers? Are they a good way to go, or bad? HELP!

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Answer by Go Cubs Go
Stick with Terasen gas. If it comes from a high pressure sales person it more than likely isn’t on the up and up.

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