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Q&A: How do we use the sun to make other forms of energy? - Direct Energy Q&A

Question by : How do we use the sun to make other forms of energy?
Well I am doing a project about the sun, and one of the questions is ‘how do we use the sun to create other forms of energy.

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Answer by georock1959
Whoever wrote the question for your project does not understand energy.

According to the Law of Conservation of Energy, energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can merely be converted from type to another. Therefore, the sun can not be used to “make other forms of energy.” There is also some question as to what “other forms” means.

In addition to the direct benefit of the sun providing us with radiant energy in the form of heat (we can feel that on our skin) and light (that allows us to see in the daytime), solar energy (from the sun) provides light for photosynthesis, which in turn allows vegetation to grow. That is the basis of all life on this planet.

Solar energy can be converted into other types of energy that are useful to us, for example wind energy. Solar energy creates temperature differentials in the atmosphere, so that air tends to move from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure. This is called wind, so now we have solar energy converted to wind energy. If you place a turbine in the wind, the wind will turn the turbine blades around a shaft to convert wind energy to mechanical energy. Then if you place magnets around the rotating shaft you will convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. A windmill can also be used to power mechanical equipment directly such as grain mills and water pumps.

Solar energy can also be converted into electrical energy with photovoltaic cells.

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