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What do you think about Green Energy? - Green Mountain Energy Q&A

Question by Robert J: What do you think about Green Energy?
What do you think about Green Energy?

Wind mills?

Solar Power?

Power from water?

Thanks for your Ideas!

Best answer:

Answer by ©†Gothic Ministries† ™
It is not cost efficient for the general house hold on the average budget at this point and time.
I personally was thinking about starting with my inside lighting.
It would not save me money on my electricity bill by just making the lighting solar. I would have to knock out the big appliances like the refrigerator or a/c units to make a difference.
The average house hold does not have the money to make these significant changes at this point and time.
The best people can do is conserve more by recycling, using energy saving modes, etc.
I do know of someone that has made a difference on heating water by using solar. Of course the size of panels they have are extremely costly (1000.00 a panel). But they saved on their gas bill by cutting out the water heater.
But the average house hold does not have that extra couple of grand to spend on panels.
Lower the pricing of equipment needed to go green and more people will partake in going green.

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