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How much more energy is used to produced a compact flourescent light bulb compared to a standard bulb? - Just Energy Q&A

Question by winterburn_98: How much more energy is used to produced a compact flourescent light bulb compared to a standard bulb?
We are being urged to but compact flourescent light buld because theu consume about 20% of the energey of an equivalent incandescent ( traditional) light bulb. No one ever seems to ask how much more energy is used in the manufacture of these “Low Energy” bulbs. Does anyone know ?

Best answer:

Answer by Coldstream Greenie
if you ever open a CFL – you will find lots of electronic devices in it – they are costly – but the amount of energy required to assemble the CFL is far less as compared to normal bulbs – why? because the wave soldering machines meant to assemble the CFL runs into few kilowatts only. The robotic conveyor system is used in both the processes – so no difference there. Manufacturing cost of Tubes may be bit higher than ordinary globes.

BUT – after manufacturing of every bulb – it is also tested for couple of times – for example it was tested for an hour. which means a 100 watt bulb wastes 0.1 units of energy,. same way ordinary household CFL(23 watts) will waste 0.023 units for an hour of testing – you can calculate how many ordinary bulbs are manufactured in one day and how much energy was saved in that process.

For example: 85 watts of CFL will produce Light intensity equivalent to 400 watts of normal bulb and it will definately save 80% of electricity.

If you require a 400watt ordinary bulb to lightup certain area for an hour. you will spend 0.4 units. Assuming the unit of energy costs $ 0.30 then you will spend $ 0.12 an hour for lighting up that area.

Whereas with CFL you will use 85 watts of bulb as lumen intensity is equivalent to 400 watts, which means you will spend 0.085 units an hour and total cost shall be $ 0.0255. Now you can calc the savings !!!!!!!!

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