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Q&A: How do I power a lighting fixture with a wind turbine? - Just Energy Q&A

Question by starzzguitar: How do I power a lighting fixture with a wind turbine?
I don’t need a lecture on the wonders of “green energy”, the benefits, blah, blah, blah. I am not hooking up to the “power grid” and I really don’t care about the “community”. I want a nuts and bolts answer. I’m making a small vertical spin wind turbine, and I just want to power one or two security lights. No, I don’t want to use solar power, too unreliable. What kind of generator and voltage regulator do I need? Do I need storage batteries? Wiring? Etc. Thanks!

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Answer by Tex
Gee this info is available all over the net, so why bother us, Just search for wind turbine or wind power and you will get hundreds of thousands of responses, maybe even millions. It will be a lot easier for you to read it somewhere than for me to try to explain.

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