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When will i get my windmill or solar powered panels for the roof of my car? - Just Energy Q&A

Question by Third of Five: When will i get my windmill or solar powered panels for the roof of my car?
That Obama told people about when he was running for President. Where is all that “green energy” we were sold?

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Answer by roderick_young
I voted for Obama, with full knowledge that change takes time.

In the early 60’s, when Kennedy said we would target landing on the moon, it didn’t happen in 2 years. Not even 4 years. But by golly, we got there.

I see states like California on a trajectory for a healthy percentage of their electricity coming from renewable sources. This sort of thing happens quietly. People often resist change, even when it’s good for them.

There are engineering reasons why it would be impractical to power a car by solar, if that’s what you mean. The amount of energy falling as sunlight on the roof of a car is small compared to the kind of power needed to move a heavy car. If the car was ultra-light, like 50 pounds, then it would be possible, but such a car would not be safe in a crash. We will see full-electric cars soon, and maybe someone will put a solar option on the roof, either to extend the range by a tiny amount, or to provide an emergency recharge for a stranded vehicle. A driver could then just leave the vehicle in the sun for a day, then limp along to an outlet where they could plug in for a real charge.

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