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General Overview:

Amigo Energy is a subsidiary of Just Energy Group Inc., which provides services to people all across North America. While that is more widespread, Amigo focuses on Texas specifically, and has since 2003. This company provides many Texans with much needed power in a quality and complete manner so that there are few problems, which helps to improve the overall experience while reducing risks. Both residential and business locations can use Amigo Energy services to receive electricity as well as all extra services available. With the customer service available, both in person and online, along with the ways that Amigo Energy helps to ensure lower bills, the experience with this company is going to be a more relaxing one. Further questions can be answered through the company since all contact information is available.

Residential homes do need power to continue working properly. Without it, you cannot do everything that you need to do. In Texas, hundreds of thousands people depend on Amigo Energy daily to ensure that their lives are fully powered up for the day ahead. This does make it easier to do what is needed at home, and Amigo makes everything go more smoothly. Professionals are often called out to work with residents so there is that extra knowledge and peace of mind available here.

This is not a purely residential business, however. Business owners, too, can benefit from the work available. Whether Amigo is the only option or you are happy with the work received at your home, you can bring the power to your business. Professionals are knowledgeable about what is needed in the business environment as well as how to do the job on the most effective, efficient manner.

Amigo Energy offers a product that will help to lower your energy costs. While this is money out of their pocket, it is greater customer satisfaction, something that Amigo is proud to offer. The SmartStat offers excellent control of your home energy so that you are spending less monthly. You will be able to see all of the needed information more easily and with greater results. Everything is easy to understand and use so that you can make the most out of it.

If you would like to ask Amigo Energy any questions directly, you can do so. There are numbers and emails available so that you can get into contact with the business right away, along with locations near you. When you have something to ask, want to set up an account, need to pay your bill, or have the need for any other information, you can visit their website. This lists all of the needed contact information for getting in touch with the company directly.

While the major supplier of power for Amigo Energy is in Texas, New York, too, has one. Both states have access to this power and can contact the business right away if any information or action is needed. Amigo Energy does continue to be a major power supplier in Texas, and it continues to grow. People are switching to here on a regular basis for the services and power delivered.

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Years in Business 16 Years
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Corporate Offices Houston, TX
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