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2802 Albany Street, Houston, TX 77006
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Receive $75 Credit Using Promo Code: 1968245 I have just joined Bounce Energy, I must say they provide excellent customer service and an additional rewards program. I am saving a lot more since I have switched from my previous provider. I am glad I switched and you will be too!

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General Overview:

Bounce Energy is a highly knowledgeable company available in Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York. It prides itself on the competitive pricing, high quality power and services, and customer services that make it stand out. Many people in the three states that receive Bounce Energy power choose it because of all that it does promise. The people behind it developed this business for that very reason. It was created by people who know the market and how to run a business, which helped them to create a plan for success and satisfaction. With the amount of people choosing Bounce Energy for residential and business needs, their plan does seem to have worked. If you would like to switch, are thinking of switching, or would like any information regarding this business, you can contact them right away.
The residential services available are the most popular choice, of course. There are multiple options available for each state, like contract and no contract. They have different benefits and come at different prices, depending upon the usage of your electricity. This helps you to create the payments that are best suited to you, all while having protection that you need. You can choose something affordable and beneficial for your home that fits into where you are in life.
Businesses have opportunities, as well. While New York is not part of the business plans, the two states available do get to benefit from the different plans and rates that they do have. These help you to choose the one that is best suited to your business and power needs. With the many number of costs associated with running a business, this can help you to lower how much you are paying. These provide different ups and downs, and you can learn more about each through the details listed by them.
One of the more green and convenient options with Bounce Energy is its pay online option. This gives you the chance to do everything free of paperwork and without much of a hassle. You have the internet available to you already, obviously, so you only need to log into your account and do everything. This will help you to manage everything more easily and without the need to waste large amounts of paper, as you might at an actual location.
Bounce Energy offers a rewards system that can help you receive special offers as well as items like gift cards. This is something that people can sign up for upon joining and should be addressed when you choose to join.
If you would like to contact Bounce Energy. All of the information that you need is available, including phone number and address for the main business. You can also visit their website for extra information and help regarding Bounce Energy or any questions that you may have.

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Business Information
Date Verified 2013-05-28
Years in Business 11 Years
No of Employees 50
Corporate Offices Houston, TX
Public Company No

Our Review:

Bounce Energy is a energy company offering service to the state of Texas. Check back for a more complete review.

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