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2745 Dallas Pkwy Ste 200, Plano, TX 75093
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I have some years working for cirro I do not do much because its attention to give me special prices or for whatever it is no one speak Spanish. In June 2014 I closed my checking account of my company where I deposited my commissions send emails and call to advise and they could not deposit me into personal account that they send me the checks by mail, I lived in that direction until May 03, 2015 and I never receive any checks. I was claiming commissions at JGriffin, Josh L Storer, Rodolfo Perez, Travis Graft and Mayra Morales, Tha last person helped me something because he knows good Spanish. I send forms to fill vender that if they did not pay me, I did and leave many things blank because I did not offer any service to sell Cirro, I already had my account number agent, it was only to waste time or definitely do not know what they do. I received these payments on these dates: My personal account is sent to me in the papers that fill it. $119.38 10/31/2016 $72.16 11/03/2016 $13.35 11/04/2016 total $204.89 $19.44 COMMISSION OCT-2016 What made me angry is that Mayra Morales sent me an email that tells me to check that they owe me commissions! It's very simple give me the account to which you deposited my commissions, The bank told me that until January 2016 they tried to deposit to that account canceled but that the deposits were returned. I have to give you my personal statements so that you can see my personal things?!! They are not dealing with a novice or a person without studies, I'm Ingeniero Industrial, I was study in Mexico, I have 10 years selling electricity and I have just put two new contracts, which I can cancel, I send reports, emails all, they made me believe that they would pay me and only for inepts who do not know how to look and do not care about their work or give good service. I think you lose about 340 dlls but you lose more I am a good saleswoman and with you I do not put contracts for your bad attention to customers and myself, The only thing I can do is to put your company in bad social networks, and the PUC and with mu clients. I hope this letter serves something because it could be the best company but the majority of its employees only work for a salary not because they are interested to make Cirro as the best of all companies.

Electricity Scout
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General Overview:

Delivering energy to over 150 thousand homes in Texas, Cirro Energy prides itself on offering reliable and affordable energy that beats out the competition. Since 2001, Cirro Energy has successfully brought power to homes in Texas and continues to today. This gives people the opportunity to choose something that they can trust and that will lower their payments. With the extra convenience found in the online options and account management, which gives you the ability to pay bills and deal with all information regarding your Cirro Energy account, taking advantage of this and staying on top of things is going to be easy for everyone to do.

Residences need a way to lower their bills. As a homeowner, you are faced with bill after bill, and they may seem to be becoming more stressful as time goes on. With Cirro Energy, you have cheaper options for your power. This will help you to have electricity and to lower your costs without sacrificing quality or convenience, which is what Cirro Energy claims to offer residents in Texas. This will help you to better manage your expenses and to continue living in your home with fewer things getting in the way or making things difficult.

Business owners need to lower costs, too, of course. These services are offered to commercial customers, as well, which will help to make the already massive expenses of running a business just a little smaller. Since business owners always want a good deal, you can even negotiate about your contract and find a way to make it fit you. You will be able to lower costs without losing the power that you need to run everything.

Every customer has options. Cirro Energy offers different term plans, green energy, and so much more. There are various services available that help to decrease cost, increase satisfaction, and make everything easier. Cirro Energy wants to help all Texas residents and businesses to have power in a convenient, usable, affordable, reliable, and quality package, which is what it promises to offer.

To manage all of this, you have an online account. You will be able to pay your bill and see all account information. This will help you to keep everything in order and to make payments much more quickly. Since there are flexible payment options, no fees for credit cards, and other great ways to make online payments easier, you will not have to worry about the process. Everything is going to be paperless and simple with the online account management offered.

To begin improving your home or business, you can contact Cirro Energy as soon as possible. When you do contact them, ask about the various services offered. You will be able to make use of what is available and have more in your pockets. Whether you want green energy or a contract that is more suitable to your needs, you will be able to find a way to make this work for you. With how affordable and reliable this is, you are going to be happy that you took the first step.

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Date Verified 2013-05-28
Years in Business 10 Years
No of Employees 23
Corporate Offices Plano, TX
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Our Review:

Cirro Energy is an energy company offering services in the State of Texas. Check back for a more complete review.

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