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By: H Burke On: Apr 22, 2015

Current PO Customer

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My experience with Cirro Energy within this past year has been horrible. I've been with them for about 4 years and now searching for a new utility provider. When I first started with Cirro, they were great. My bill was easy to read and prices were competitive. Fast forward to today, they have to be the worst utility provider in Texas. Customer service is terrible. They're now using shady business practices to rip you off. I found that the bills I now get compared to a couple of years ago are confusing. It doesn’t go into specific detail on what you are being charge for as it did before. First off, if my fixed rate was 10.1₵ per kWh, it used to state it on the bill, not anymore. You now have to break out the calculator and do some number crunching. If you’re a current customer, please look over your contract again with this company. Secondly, whenever you move your service, they automatically renew your contract for 18 months without your consent, giving you a higher fixed kWh rate. My average billing has now exploded. I had to call several times, chewing people out to have my contract reverse, arguing the fact that I only call to move service, not change my contract, which doesn’t expire until 06/25/2015. Within a two month time frame, I chatted online with Cirro Representatives twice and requested that they send me a copy of the contract where I agreed to 18 months of service. The two Cirro Representatives I chatted with stated they will mail it within the next 7 business days. Three months has past, not one letter has been sent other than my billings. This company is a joke. I would never recommend this company to anyone. If you're look to for a new utility provider, please save your self-time and hard earned money and look elsewhere.

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