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By: Lisa Collins On: Apr 27, 2016

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I am shopping for affordable electricity because the contract I have with my current energy provider is ready for renewal. I received a prequalified rate quote letter from Cirro Energy. Initially, I was impressed with the amount of money I could save each month by switching over to Cirro Energy. I took some time to research and read the feedback from Cirro customers to make sure this is a reputable company who values their customers. Honestly, after reading the numerous customer reviews which center on the poor customer service and unprofessional actions etc... I will stay with my current provider. My time is worth more than what I would save by doing business with a company that does not value and appreciate their customer's time. I have found that the companies who resource their staff to deliver on what is sold does much better than the companies who deplete their resources and exhaust their staff to sell what they can't deliver.

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