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By: Bella Beltran On: Sep 12, 2014

Worst Service & CSR's EVER!

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I had called in April to renew my contract, since I was a co applicant they told me to have the Main customer call, No problem, I DID!!!!!! They still did not re new my contract and for a 1 bed room apartment my light bill was $320.25 how crazy is that? When I called because I had concerns they said no one renewed my contract. I WAS RIGHT THERE WHEN THE PHONE CALL WAS MADE! Does not stop there, When I called re payment dates for my final bill and to see about my $50.00 credit a lady by Jenine spoke over me the entire time. I tried several times to speak with someone else because she was rude and she told me to call back. Uh NO, Transfer me! Whole experience has been a nightmare & I will NEVER recommend this company to anyone! Not even my worst enemy!

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