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2225 Sheppard Avenue E, Atria III, North York, ON M2J 5C2
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General Overview:

Direct Energy is an energy company that is owned by its parent company, Centrica plc. Currently, Direct Energy is providing energy services to areas in both Canada and the United States. Currently, the North American headquarters is located in Toronto, Ontario, although the company has several regional offices as well, located in Sarasota Florida, Dayton Ohio, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Calgary Alberta and Houston Texas.

The company provides both residential and business energy services across North America. Based upon customer numbers alone, the company is the largest industrial and commercial retailer in North America and is also ranked as the largest residential energy retailer as well. The company works on downstream delivery and upstream production of natural gas and electricity to service their millions of customers. Operations in Alberta and Texas help to provide some of the energy sold by the company. The Alberta operation provides 199mmcfe each day and Direct Energy also has three power plants in Texas that provide about 10% of the power load requirements for the company.

Direct Energy has a large service area, providing energy services to Canada and the United States. According to their website, they provide services to the following states in the U.S.: Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, New York, Michigan, Maryland and New Jersey. Within Canada, they provide service to Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia.

For residential customers, Direct Energy offers both electricity and gas services, providing variable and fixed pricing options. They also offer a variety of home services to residential customers as well and are known as North America’s largest home services company. Some of the home services that are provided to residential customers include plumbing, building automation, energy audits, HVAC service and installation, water heaters, duct cleaning, facility maintenance, energy management consulting services and protection plans.

Direct Energy offers electricity and gas services to businesses of all sizes, government and public institutions. Beyond the gas and electricity services, commercial and industrial customers are offered the following services: energy management consulting services, operational counseling, business management, energy audits, installation and service of HVAC systems, facility maintenance, protection plans, water heaters, plumbing and building automation.

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Business Information
Date Verified 2013-05-29
Years in Business 33 Years
No of Employees 10,000
Corporate Offices North York, ON
Public Company Yes

Our Review:

Direct Energy provides electricity in many States in the US including Texas. Check back for a more complete review.

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