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5161 San Felipe St, Houston, TX 77056
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They have horrible service & customer service. They need to change their system to actually match up, cause your online account could say one thing and then when you get a email at the same be a total different amount. One is always less then the other. So you don't know which one to go by. Then when you call in to question it, they come with any little thing just to try to justify it with whatever they can come up with.#switchingtoday

Electricity Scout
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General Overview:

Frontier Utilities is a Texas owned and operated retail electricity provider that is located at 5161 San Felipe, Suite 320 in Houston, Texas 77056 and supplies customers with innovated electricity solutions. They provide customers with a variety of services including helping new customers switch from their old service providers with their switching assistance. They also provide customers with online account management which is secure and convenient. Their online account management feature allows for you to pay your bill online as well reviewing your rate plan and usage. You can also transfer your services over with the online account management. They also have live chat support for their customers as well. Frontier Utilities also has a resource center that helps you figure out what pay plan you want to go with and how you can save money. The resource center provides you with all of the information that you need to help you decide if Frontier Utilities is the electricity provider you want to go with. Frontier Utilities also has several different payment options that make it easy for you to pay how you want to.

Frontier Utilities likes to cater to their customers and have different electricity plans to fit all of your needs. You can choose from a month-to-month plan or a pay as you go plan, they also have a fixed rate plan. Frontier Utilities also has several different offers for ways to save money. They have Pink Power which allows for customers to save money but to also support breast cancer research. They also have a plan for individuals that like to be green with their Go Green Energy Savers plan which helps customers save money on 100% renewable electricity, they also make donations to reforest Hermann Park as part of the Go Green Energy Savers plan. Frontier Utilities have a green plan that uses renewable energy which can be wind, hydro, solar, or other. In Texas the most commonly used renewable energy source is wind energy. If you are environmentally conscious than the green plans may be something to consider.

Their pay as you need it plan lets you control your energy use and use electricity only when you need it. You simply buy the amount of energy you need at pay for it at a fixed rate. They also offer low rates if you sign up for the 2-year Scout Value Plan and they make a donation to a local Houston area Boy Scout troop. They also offer refer a friend benefits.

Frontier Utilities gives its customers a lot of choices to find a plan that works best for them. They provide options and are flexible about price plans that will allow for customers to have a payment plan that works best with their lifestyle and their budgets. They have plans for individuals that are looking to save money and support breast cancer research, people that like to go green, individuals that want to donate to the Boy Scouts and people that want to only pay for electricity that they are going to use. For more information about Frontier Utilities and the different electricity plans that they provide on their website.

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Date Verified 2013-05-29
Years in Business 10 Years
No of Employees 4
Corporate Offices Houston, TX
Public Company No

Our Review:

Frontier Utilities is an energy company that services commercial and residential properties in the State of Texas. Check back for a more complete review.

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