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By: Kathline B On: Jun 06, 2014

Horrible customer service

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Horrible Customer Service!! Do not think you have 3 days to cancel after you sign up with them because they will send you a bill for $18 for less than 1 day usage. They say 3 days to cancel but once you cancel, it takes up to 30 days to dispute and cancel. Just an fyi, The contract stated that it would start on June 5th but they actually started on June 4th. They need to change start date to estimated start date because it may not always be the date stated on paper. The customer service lady was also very rude and I literally waited 1 whole hour on the phone just to get an agent on the phone to help me. My average monthly bill is only $140. If I paid $18 per would come out to $540 per month. Their customer service is beyond horrible and expect to wait 45 min - 1 hour just to get someone on the phone. Will NEVER recommend them to anyone or ever use them matter how cheap their rates are!!

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