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20455 SH 249, Suite 200, Houston, TX 77070
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charles Redwine

Gexa Energy has the WORST Switch and Bait pricing of any public utility in Texas. They lured me in with a 3.19 cents per KWH rate. Six months later they increased their rate by 51%to 4.82 cents per KWH, which lasted two months before their THIRD increase to 6.83 cents per KWH, another 91% increase. Two months later they increased again to 9.30 cents per KWH, another 36% increase, which lasted 4 months before their final first year raise to 9.79 cents per KWH. In one years time they switched and baited a senior citizen from the lowest published rate available to a 325% first year increase, which made them uncompetitive with ANYONE, including TXU. I have complained to the Public Utility Commission about their SWITCH AND BAIT pricing and you should do the same. 325% first year price increases are nothing more than DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICES AND INTENTIONAL FRAUD ! Please SHARE this with your friends so others don't get RIPPED OFF by GEXA and their FINE PRINT.

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General Overview:

As one of the fastest growing retail electricity providers in the nation, Gexa Energy has a proven track record of growing its business and providing value to customers. In addition, the company is a great sales platform for the Texas generation portfolio under the NextEra Energy, Inc.’s competitive energy subsidiary, NextEra Energy Resources. NextEra Energy Resources is primarily a competitive wholesale power generator. NextEra Energy Resources is the largest generator of renewable energy from the wind and sun in North America. NextEra Energy Resources has nearly 70 wind facilities in operation in 16 states and Canada, including 11 in Texas, producing more than 6,700 megawatts of electricity, or enough power for more than 1.6 million average homes. The company co-owns and operates the largest solar field in the world in California’s Mojave Desert. Gexa Energy offers NextEra Energy’s wind power and other renewable energy to serve customers throughout Texas. Gexa Green is a product supplied from 100% Texas wind energy. Gexa Energy is a subsidiary of NextEra Energy, Inc. (NYSE: NEE). NextEra Energy, Inc. is one of the nation’s leading clean energy providers. NextEra Energy, Inc.’s proven resources provide Gexa Energy the opportunity to continue its rapid growth across Texas and the nation, and expand its ability to provide additional offerings to customers.

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Business Information
Date Verified 2013-05-29
Years in Business 16 Years
No of Employees 200
Corporate Offices Houston, TX
Public Company No

Our Review:

Gexa Energy provides energy for residential and commercial properties in Texas. Check back for a more detailed review.

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