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By: charles Redwine On: Dec 22, 2014


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Gexa Energy has the WORST Switch and Bait pricing of any public utility in Texas. They lured me in with a 3.19 cents per KWH rate. Six months later they increased their rate by 51%to 4.82 cents per KWH, which lasted two months before their THIRD increase to 6.83 cents per KWH, another 91% increase. Two months later they increased again to 9.30 cents per KWH, another 36% increase, which lasted 4 months before their final first year raise to 9.79 cents per KWH. In one years time they switched and baited a senior citizen from the lowest published rate available to a 325% first year increase, which made them uncompetitive with ANYONE, including TXU. I have complained to the Public Utility Commission about their SWITCH AND BAIT pricing and you should do the same. 325% first year price increases are nothing more than DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICES AND INTENTIONAL FRAUD ! Please SHARE this with your friends so others don't get RIPPED OFF by GEXA and their FINE PRINT.

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