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300 W 6th St. Ste. 900, Austin, TX 78701
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Jaserat moniat
Pay double extra for nothing!

Absolutely Crooks and Thieves! I've been their customer far past year and I didn't realize that I'm paying 30-40% more than anybody ales. I was paying about $160-170 for a 1 bedroom 900sqft apartment! average 500-1000 kwh usage @ 0.17-0.18 per kw now I switched to other company and my bill reduced to $90!!! I paid the bill for last 10-15 days that I used their service and finally instead of my $150 deposit they sent me a $65 check, that's just ridiculous ... will never do business with them or refer them to even my enemy. horrible company at the start they told me that the rate in variable around 0.9 c per kwh and it didn't last long. after 2 months it went up to 0.16-0.17 c per kwh and never came back plus they charge $9.95 monthly service fee

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General Overview:

Green Mountain is an electricity company providing energy services to a wide consumer base in the Texas area. Both residential and commercial industries are serviced by Green Mountain, which gets access to resources through NRG Energy. Green Mountain’s relationship with NRG Energy allows for exceptional service, optimal levels of reliability and the most affordable Green Mountain rates.

Competitors place emphasis on sales, but Green Mountain focuses on service quality and reliability in regards to both residents and commercial industries. Having ties to NRG Energy allows Green Mountain with the ability to provide a wide range of electricity plans based on the actual needs of the consumer. All consumers have different energy-based needs and require varied plan options that are customized for added convenience and use.

Green Mountain customer reviews proclaim the company to be the preferred electricity provider for the Texas area. Green Mountain is seen as an alternative energy provider that makes innovative and intelligent energy plans available for both residential and commercial use.

With innovation and growth in mind, Green Mountain takes a different approach to consumer management. Therefore, Green Mountain offers innovative ways for consumers to feel empowered and involved in order to manage their energy usage. With an abundance of price plan options, Green Mountain offers the most energy options and customization possible.

Green Mountain takes great pride in offering both commercial and residential services in the Texas area. Due to the high number of consumers, this company delivers more than 48MWh of power to energy customers in the United Sates. However, this number only continues to rise as Green Mountain gains a stronger hold on the Texas energy market.

Green Mountain focuses on offering the most affordable electricity plans that offer high levels of innovation and are developed with the latest energy related trends in mind. This company has tremendous ambition to keep moving forward and continuing their state-wide service excellence in Texas.

As you search for an energy provider, the overriding factor should not be based exclusively on price alone. In contrast, you should take into consideration aspects of reliability and innovation. Therefore, these considerations will lead you directly to Green Mountain. Green Mountain is astutely aware of the energy need that exists and only offers reliability that can be trusted.

Green Mountain is a company that holds core values in high regard and works to offer energy related services in the friendliest manner with integrity and safety in mind.

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Date Verified 2013-05-29
Years in Business 22 Years
No of Employees 500
Corporate Offices Austin, TX
Public Company No

Our Review:

Green Mountain Energy is one of the leaders in renewable energy for Texans. Check back soon for a more complete review.

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