An Introduction to Nuclear Energy + MORE

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An Introduction to Nuclear EnergyWe see the confused stares. Many of you may be curious as to what an introduction to “nuclear energy” is doing on an eco-conscious blog.  Let us put it in perspective…
While nuclear energy has long been touted as a no-go for environmentalists, some scientists now argue that nuclear energy is one of the most “carbon-free” sources of energy, as the fission process involved produces little to no greenhouse gas emissions…

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What’s Your Energy IQ?


What’s Your Energy IQ?So, you thought you were done with pop quizzes after high school, huh?
If you’ve been following us here at Eco-Centric – specifically our series on alternative/renewable energy sources – we’re curious about your energy IQ. Take our short quiz, below, to test your knowledge on all things renewable energy…

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