Eco-Friendly Travel Tips For Your Weekend Get-Away + MORE

Here is a quick update of the latest happening from Just Energy.

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Need Energy? Spray It On With New Spray-On Solar TechnologyImagine a world where you never have to remember to charge your cellphone.  Imagine living in a home that is powered by a reliable, consistent, affordable, alternative energy source.
Scientist Jillian Buriak and her team of researchers from the University of Alberta have been working on an experiment to produce solar cells from elements found inside the Earth’s crust…

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Eco-Friendly Travel Tips For Your Weekend Get-AwaySummer is over.  Kids are back in school.  You’re back at work.  You’re bored at work.  You’re already in need of something – anything – to break up the monotony.  Enter Plan A:  the weekend get-away!  Here at Eco-Centric, we’re liking that idea, too, and we’re here to show you how to organize your weekend escape and still stay committed to a carbon-conscious lifestyle…

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