Reduce Paper Use, Befriend Our Planet + MORE

Here is a quick update of the latest happening from Just Energy.

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Your Eco-Friendly Business: JustGreen Business AdvantageRunning your own business often feels like more than a full time job. With everything you’ve already got piled on your plate, adding sustainability to the mix may seem like an overwhelming task.
JustGreen is here to help make your life a little simpler. The JustGreen Business Advantage program is specially designed to help businesses achieve a greater level of sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint, allowing you – the business owner – the freedom to get back to what you do best: making your business run like a well-oiled machine (or, rather, an eco-friendly, solar powered one!)…

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Reduce Paper Use, Befriend Our PlanetLast week, we showed you a quick and easy way to calculate your carbon footprint. Was your number higher than expected?
Cutting down on paper use is one of the easiest ways to lower your carbon footprint. In fact, in today’s electronic world, there’s almost no excuse for purchasing ream after ream of paper or mega cartridges of printer ink…

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