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Joshua brown
Ridiculous charges

I've been using Payless power for 5 months, my bill was generally between 2.84 and 5.18 per day. I was a lil comfortable with this. But stating Wednesday November 12, 2014, my bill shot up to 16.70 per day and rising. I called customer service, and the rep told me that my bill was high because I turned on my heat. Now remind you, I had my central air on 60 degrees during the hottest summer days. Now the first day of cold weather my bill is 18.00 per day, at this rate, it will cost me $500 per month for service. This is ridiculous, I guess my family will have to freeze to death to save on electric heating bills. I cancelled this service to day. These people are ripping consumers off. I will not recommend this service to anyone

Electricity Scout
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General Overview:

Payless Power, a Texas-based electricity and energy service provider, providers residents with a simpler way to maintain their electricity bills—without the threat of said electricity being turned off. Current Payless Power reviews indicate that the company is a leading provider in an industry where cheap electricity can be hard to find.

The company is owned and operated by three brothers, supplemented by their on-hand staff and management team. They hold around 50 years of experience within the prepaid retail industry, spanning their knowledge and expertise in handling risk management, business operations, acquiring business wholesale supply and the current regulations of the electricity industry.

Many Texas residents face issues with maintaining their electricity plan. Some usually fail to turn in their payments, while others are unable to cover their bills in the first place. Payless Power aims to completely bypass those troubles, instead offering customers a better way to manage electric costs: offering a prepaid service.

Payless Power's residential electricity services provide pay-as-you-go and standard post-pay electricity payment plans throughout the entirety of Texas. These payment options allow customers to arrange a payment plan that works best for them—they even require no deposit at a customer's initial sign-up.

Even though the company currently offers relatively low rates, they allow their customers to pay their bills at the start of the month or at the end of the month. Payless Power rates currently provide the lowest kilowatt per hour electricity plans in Texas, in addition to flexible payment options and fast customer service.

The Payless Power rates are considered much lower and flexible to manage, when compared to other electricity companies within Texas. People who take advantage of Payless Power rates and plans can use their energy utilities service without having significant problems keeping up with monthly payments.

Payless Power understands that customers might not be able to reach their payment due dates. A lot of the time, this happens due to an unexpected lifestyle change. Aside from making a payment at the start and/or end of a contracted term, the company also allows people to pay on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, even allowing customers to pay when they can.

Since its initial opening in 2005, Payless Energy helped millions across Texas stay connected to their electricity service, despite their income and/or credit history. Their mission statement even addresses this fact, stating that they are prepared to go the extra step to help families and/or business owners within Texas to get cheaper electricity.

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Business Information
Date Verified 2013-05-29
Years in Business 14 Years
No of Employees 10
Corporate Offices Fort Worth, TX
Public Company No

Our Review:

Payless Power is a prepaid energy provider for the state of Texas. Check back for a more complete review.

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