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By: Claribel Arribas On: Nov 02, 2016

I love how little I pay

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I honestly love the low amount I pay especially when I hear my co-workers talking about outrages payments on their electric bills. It works for me to have pre-pay since I am working on my credit and at times won't have the total amount due if I had to pay a monthly bill. With this I look and pay as little as possible to get me to the next pay check or more when I am able to. Thank you!!

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Payless Power

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By: B Young On: Jan 19, 2016

Fantastic, Cheap, and easy service!

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Payless Power made it incredibly easy to sign up. I was signed up by phone in 5 minutes. The best part is that I was freaked out about not having service on a Friday at 3PM. I an account, paid $30, and was active by 4PM! Since then, I have enjoyed a low rate of 9.9 cents and I love the daily text messages. I keep my balance above $0 and the service stays on AND CHEAPLY!

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Payless Power

By: Joshua brown On: Nov 16, 2014

Ridiculous charges

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I've been using Payless power for 5 months, my bill was generally between 2.84 and 5.18 per day. I was a lil comfortable with this. But stating Wednesday November 12, 2014, my bill shot up to 16.70 per day and rising. I called customer service, and the rep told me that my bill was high because I turned on my heat. Now remind you, I had my central air on 60 degrees during the hottest summer days. Now the first day of cold weather my bill is 18.00 per day, at this rate, it will cost me $500 per month for service. This is ridiculous, I guess my family will have to freeze to death to save on electric heating bills. I cancelled this service to day. These people are ripping consumers off. I will not recommend this service to anyone

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Payless Power

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