3 Things Your Credit Card Company Won’t Tell You + MORE

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7 Ways to Lower Your Summer Utility Bills
Although it’s normal for utility bills to be higher during the summer, there are still ways to help keep your monthly costs under control. Here are seven money-saving tips you can use this summer:
1. Find and Fix Leaks
Leaks around windows or other areas of your house can cause cold air to continuously flow outside…

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4 Tips to Find the Best Deals on Flights
If you need to book a flight and want to get the best deal possible, we want to help. After tirelessly scouring the Internet, we’ve assembled the absolute best tips for saving big on flights. So without further ado, here are four proven strategies for getting the ticket you need at a price that’s not going to send you into shock:

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3 Things Your Credit Card Company Won’t Tell You
Credit card companies are literally in the business of making money. While they obviously need customers, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that they’re always looking for new ways to wring a little extra money out of their cardholders’ hands. Because the tumultuous nature of the global economy since 2008 has directly impacted these companies, many have responded by getting more aggressive and secretive with the policies that help them make money…

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