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General Overview:

Reliant is a Texas electricity company that provides energy-based services to retail consumers, commercial and federal entities. The company is backed by one of the largest producers of power within the United States itself—NRG Energy. Unlike other energy utility companies, Reliant places a large emphasis on their reliability to their commercial and residential customers.

Since the company remains a part of an organization that produces an incredible amount of energy across the United States, the company naturally features a varied selection of different electricity plans that 'fit the varied lifestyles' of many consumers.

As an electricity company, Reliant aims to empower their consumers to efficiently manage their electricity usage in better ways. They host various cost effective plans, aimed at helping consumers receive great quality service and products considered both 'excellent' and 'innovative' in nature.

Customer Reliant reviews tout the company as a great alternative to other electricity companies on the market today. Reliant considers their company as a leader in bringing consumers innovative and smart energy solutions to their customers.

Reliant currently services various consumers across Texas, whether as a resident or within the commercial industry. As a result, they currently deliver over 48 MWh of power to retail consumers within the United States—a number that maintains itself on an annual basis.

They also provide competitively priced electricity and energy-related products and services, more or less staying on track with the changing trends of the current electricity industry in Texas. As they provide plenty of competition to other companies, their tenacity in maintaining their state-wide service has made them one of the largest providers of electricity to both commercial and industrial retailers within the state of Texas.

When searching for a company to handle home utilities, the most important 'deciding factor' to keep in mind isn't just about Reliant rates and pricing. Reliant understands that the constant need of electricity within the home makes this fact much more important than most people think. It's also about the company's reliability. A reliable electricity company, as an example, can make sure a home constantly receives energy while under their service.

Reliant places a large emphasis on enforcing their core values, which provide them a basis for their company-wide behaviors, strategies and the decisions they make. As featured on their website, some of their core company values include teamwork, value, integrity, safety and teamwork. With such concrete values in mind, interested Texas-based consumers should contact them for more information.

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Date Verified 2013-05-29
Years in Business 17 Years
No of Employees 8000
Corporate Offices Houston, TX
Public Company Yes

Our Review:

Reliant Energy offers residential and commercial electricity in the State of Texas. Check back later for a more complete review.

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