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Smart Power RoundUp: A Hurricane’s (Possible) Silver LiningIt’s Friday, y’all — time for a RoundUp!
To kick it off, did you hear about PayPal co-founder Max Levchin’s theory of harnessing energy from hurricanes? Hurricanes produce an immense amount of power, so it’s definitely an interesting concept. As for implementing it? That’s an entirely different question that I’ll let a smarter group of folks figure out…
In the meantime, here is the rest of the RoundUp:

Looking to go luxe AND green on your next car? Interested in a hybrid? Then you may want to check out this car, which is expected to sell 10,000 units over the next year…

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Smart Power RoundUp: Modern, Sleek, Solar-Powered Golf Cart UnveiledHappy Friday! The work week is finally winding down, and hopefully you have a nice, relaxing weekend ahead of you.  Before you kick off the weekend, check out the Smart Power RoundUp.  We have some fascinating energy and technology stories, including the unveiling of  a new, sleek, modern solar-powered golf cart, and some unique innovations that could help you save money!
Here’s this week’s Smart Power RoundUp

Some Texas golfers take time away from the course during July and August to escape the extreme heat…

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July’s Poll Answer is Here


July’s Poll Answer is HereIt’s time to answer another Energy In Your Life blog poll question! Last month we quizzed you about your ceiling fan and how you can optimize it for the different seasons, especially in the warm summer months. Does the direction the blades spin (clockwise or counter clockwise) matter? Does using a fan really help you lower your air conditioning needs?
Here was the question:

The answer? Adjust the blades to spin counter clockwise, which pushes air down and provides a wind chill effect…

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