What NOT to do…(to Save on Your Electricity Bill) + MORE

Here is a quick update of the latest happening from Reliant Energy.

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This week, we kick off the Power RoundUp with big things happening in the Big D!  Dallas is building a greener city thanks to the Energy Department’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program. The city is now saving $1 million a year in energy costs, improving the energy efficiency of 248 city-owned buildings, totaling more than 3…

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What NOT to do…(to Save on Your Electricity Bill)Hola friends! It’s early September, which means it’s time to answer another Energy In Your Life blog poll question. In July we asked you about what NOT to do to save on your electricity bill. Should you skip the drying function on your dishwasher? Should you run small loads of laundry? Does the temperature on your water heater really matter?
Here was the question and possible responses:

The correct answer? It’s number two — avoid doing lots of small loads of laundry! Instead,  do large loads to cut down on electricity usage…

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Smart Power RoundUp: Be Healthy AND Green on a BikeHappy Friday friends! Who is ready for the weekend! I am!

If you don’t have plans yet, why not get on your bikes and pedal around the neighborhood? It’s good for the environment AND for your healthy. And while we’re on the topic of bikes, check out this gorgeous poster from Pop Chart Lab that illustrates the evolution of the bicycle from 1780 to today…

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