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1221 Lamar Street Ste 750, Houston, TX 77010
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as of 08-08-2018 Ranked #8 out of
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jerita parson
can not get thur to talk to anyone

i have been trying for three days to get thur to find out how much a bill is just so it can be paid. I lost the old one. it should not be this hard just to try to pay a bill.

Electricity Scout
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General Overview:

StarTexPower provides electricity and other energy related services to the greater Texas area. Both residential and commercial energy customers are served by StarTexPower, which allows for the highest level of customer service and energy quality. StarTexPower is connected to NRG Energy and can provide the most reliable and affordable energy based services due to this connection, because NRG Energy is a large producer of power for the entire United States. Competing energy companies focus on varying business aspects, but StarTexPower places the highest level of importance on reliability and customer service for both residential and commercial consumers.

Due to the access to energy related resources that StarTexPower has, a wide variety of electricity plans are available for both residential and commercial consumers. These electricity plans are in a broad range of cost effective selections that offer varied features and seamlessly meet the energy needs of all consumers. Therefore, instead of offering one generic electricity plan for all consumers, StarTexPower strives to make a variety of electricity plans available to fit the varying lifestyle needs of all consumers.

StarTexPower makes every effort to implore their energy consumers to take a more active role in their energy consumption and monitoring. This company offers innovative features and services that allow the consumer to be more aware of their energy use. Only the most affordable energy plans are offered by StarTexPower to ensure that consumers get the highest level of service that is described as consumer based and full of integrity. StarTexPower rates are the lowest on the market and make them the most cost effective option.

StarTexPower customer reviews exclaim that this company is much different than other electricity companies that offer energy based services. Therefore, StarTexPower is the most sought after alternative to other electricity companies that offer less features and reduced levels of customer service. StarTexPower is referred to as the most innovative and customer conscious energy provider on the market today.

StarTexPower delivers more than 48MWh of power to energy customers in the United States and concentrates most of their services in the Texas area. Both residents and commercial industries within Texas have obtained StarTexPower as their energy provider and the number of consumers only continues to rise and expand on a yearly basis.

This energy company not only works to offer the highest level of quality to their consumers, but to do so in the friendliest and most reliable manner. Integrity, Teamwork and safety are key values that are held in high regard by StarTexPower and every effort is made to make these values evident to consumers.

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Business Information
Date Verified 2013-05-29
Years in Business 11 Years
No of Employees 400
Corporate Offices Houston, TX
Public Company No

Our Review:

StarTex Power is an electricity provider for the State of Texas. Check back for a more complete review.

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