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By: ashok On: Apr 02, 2015

Worst Utility Company ever

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Hi, I feel very disappointed and frustrated with the experience I had with Star Tex. The worst company ever I had seen. Let me walk through my issue, I had my first bill last month and I have scheduled for automatic payments through my checking account through Bank of America account. 10 days later when I checked my Star Tex account online I could see the payment was not processed through checking account, I again provided my Bank account details and scheduled the automatic payments through my Bank of America Checking account. 10 Days later when I checked the Star Tex account online, I was surprised to see still the payment was not processed. Then I though there is some problem with the online payments through checking account for the StarTex power company and paid my bill through credit card which was paid before the due date. In the second month billing I could see 40$ charged for Other charges, I was not sure of this so called the customer care and asked about this, he said it was fine for not processing payments through my checking account. I explained him all the scenario that I have provided all the details for online payment through checking account two times and since it was not processed as the Star Tex power had issue with online payments through checking account, I had paid my bill through credit card. I explained him it was not my mistake and I have made all efforts to pay my bill and if there is issue with your system why I am getting charged for it. I requested to waive this fee since there was no mistake from my side,but he said he can't do anything about this and I have to pay for the fine of 40$. I am very disappointed by the response from the Startex company. I always wanted to be a loyal and long term customer with the Startex power and if this is the kind of service if I receive I will never comeback to Startex power and would never recommend to any one. Very Very disappointing servie Thanks Ashok

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