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judy barnett
great company

i have been a txu customer since buying my first house after moving to the dallas area in 1990. the house we rented was not under txu and the bills were horrible. moved into a txu area and have stayed with them every since (even thru 2 apartment moves). txu gives the better choices and lowest plans! don't intend to change

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General Overview:

TXU Energy is an energy company offering service to the state of Texas. In fact, this company is considered the #1 electricity company within the state of Texas, since it offers power to more Texans than other providers within the state. The company has strong roots that go back more than a century, since the company traces all the way back to the original Dallas Electric Lighting Company that started offering services in 1882. Although TXU Energy name was not used until 1999 as a brand name, the company’s roots have been in Texas for decades.

Not only does TXU Energy provide electricity residential services, but they provide services to businesses of all sizes as well. The company offers competitive options for small businesses that need cost effective energy options. They also provide helpful services to medium and large businesses, offering business incentives for companies that are willing to make energy efficient improvements to their business. For construction companies, customized quotes are available for model homes, temporary poles and more. Property management companies are offered helpful services, like custom pricing and the ability to easily have a property’s electricity serviced transferred right into the management company’s name if a tenant vacates the property.

Many different competitive electricity plans are offered to residential customers of TXU Energy. Along with those electricity plans, excellent products and tools are available to TXU customers as well. The company offers customers a helpful MyEnergy Dashboard, allowing consumers to see how electricity is used within the home, when it is used and how to work on reducing electricity consumption. Another product available is the Brighten iThemostat, which allows customers to easily manage and monitor their home’s temperature online with a web accessible thermostat that is totally programmable. Some of the other helpful products and tools offered by TXU Energy to residential customers include the Energy Thieves Calculator, the Brighten Online Energy Store, the Green Button, the Brighten Personal Energy Adviser and more.

Since TXU Energy realizes that more electricity is used in the state of Texas than other states in the U.S., they focus on environmental considerations as well. Eco-Friendly Plans are available for homes and businesses, allowing consumers to begin using renewable energy in new ways. The company hosts In-Business and In-Home Energy Audits across the state, helping business and residential customers find out how to reduce their energy consumption after taking a closer look at how they are currently consuming energy. TXU also has worked to increase their renewable energy portfolio, they support clean air initiatives and focus on helping customers manage and reduce energy consumption. These steps are taken by the company to help keep the environment a healthy one.

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Date Verified 2013-05-22
Years in Business 20 Years
No of Employees 5000+
Corporate Offices Irving, TX
Public Company Yes

Our Review:

TXU Energy is an energy company offering service to the state of Texas. Check back for more complete review.

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