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By: Sarah Clark On: Jan 07, 2014


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I have been a TXU customer for probably 20 years or more. I have viewed other companies who guarantee a lower fee, but I assume it is promotional and will be the same as TXU's fee eventually, so I don't switch. However, I am very conserned because I have done everything possible to lower my bill, turning off all connections that really stay on, turning off lights and other measures recommended, and the rate still goes up causing my bill to go up. I can not cut back anymore. I go to work and cut my AC off so it won't kick on while I am gone. My insulated house holds the cool air very well until I return. My concern as I near retirement in just 3 months if I will be able to keep paying my bill or if I will have to sell my house and live in a travel trailor. I think more should be done to assist Seniors with limited and fixed income as well as more provision of the use of solar energy for our homes. Overall I rate it a 3. Sarah

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