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By: Joy campbell On: Aug 12, 2015


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Called to switch service 6/21/15 from tenant name to my name (owner). On 8/6/15 I had to call again because the tenant was still receiving bills. I went through the ineffective robo that repeated a long pitch three times (20 minutes) before I was finally transferred to a rep. Rep #1: gave all my info, explained problem. Had to transfer me (10 minutes). Rep #2: regave all my info, explained problem. Put me on hold 10 minutes to consult with an Oncor rep. Told me they couldn't put the bill in my name because I owned the house since 2009. I explained I bought the house in 2014 and that a tenant had the bill in her name for at least the previous 5 years. She put me on hold again to consult another Oncor rep, another 10 minutes. She informed that I had owned the house since 2009. I asked to speak to a supervisor. Had to insist 3 times. Transferred to a supervisor. There was a repeat of the Oncor calls (same as above). I asked how Oncor could possibly have gotten this wrong info and requested a 3 way call. The supervisor was very annoyed but said she would do so and yo hold. I held on for 20 minutes. Was disconnected. No one ever called back. Very exasperating. TXU has the most unprofessional and incompetent people. It was like they were mindless robots reading a script.

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