Let There Be (Visible) Light (Communication) + MORE

Here is a quick update of the latest happening from TXU Energy.

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Virtually every American business requires electricity to operate. Depending on the kind of business, lighting can account for 20 percent to 50 percent of a company’s electricity consumption, according to the federal Small Business Administration (SBA).

Improving your business’ lighting efficiency could help you lower your electricity bill – a bright idea, no matter what your line of work!
Fortunately, eco-minded businesses have more options than ever for reducing electricity usage, from replacing power-hungry incandescent light bulbs with energy-sipping LEDs, to working with their power providers to maximize their operation’s energy efficiency…

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Job One

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You may know us as the retail electric provider that gave you the groundbreaking option of free energy at night and now free electricity on the weekends.
Or you might know us as the leading electric provider in the state of Texas.
You might also know us as the company that provides 24-hour customer service through a variety of channels…

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Humans have been using light as a means of communication since ancient times. From signal bonfires that warned ancient mariners away from rocky shores to Paul Revere’s “one if by land, two if by sea” message delivered with lanterns —communicating with light has a long, illustrious history.

Now, we’re headed toward a new era in using light to convey information — visible light communication (VLC)…

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Reducing monthly energy bills by placing solar panels on roof tops is not a new idea. But it looks like the next generation of solar paneling has arrived: solar shingles. Over the past five years, Dow Chemical Company received millions of dollars in federal grants to integrate solar technology into building materials and bring the company’s latest solar shingles to the marketplace…

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Choice of Free

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Families and business owners alike are constantly searching for ways to save money. Cutting back on energy costs by updating to more energy-efficient solutions has been a proven way to see long-term savings.

WattRebate by Energy Grid IQ is a great app that gives consumers, contractors and business owners quick access to promotions, tax credits, project and appliance rebates, financing options, grants and other government and local incentives to choose more energy-efficient solutions…

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