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Tips to save on electric bill? - Reliant Energy Q&A

Question by Rose: Tips to save on electric bill?
We live in a 900 something sq ft condo. It was built in 1970, so undoubtedly the insulation probably isn’t modernized. We have recently seen a significant increase in our electric bill (its about 150 now). I understand its the summer and that I live in Houston.. But I don’t see that as an excuse. My husband found black mold in the radiator/compressor of our ac (inside in the hallway in a door thing). We also had a filthy air filter which we remembered to replace. What are some better ways of conserving energy? We viewed the tips on (whom we have our light bill/energy from) and did a few of them, but some do not apply to us.

Any other tips to get this stinkin’ bill down?
We have the part wind, “money saving” plan where we have a contract.. btw.
My husband refuses to “be uncomfortable in his own home”, so he won’t let the ac go above 75.

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Answer by andre ea
Unplug devices when there not being used. Use candles for the showers. Turn off the lights when you don’t need them.

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