Tara Energy Billing information help Houstonnnn ?

Question by Nia: Tara Energy Billing information help Houstonnnn ?
Ok so first of all they charge a lot for their service and alll but i was looking through my bill and i noticed a charge it says T & D Charges CenterPoint… i was wondering if anyone knows what that charge is for or about…i did call the company but they said they charge that for every coustomer and all but i’m not sure but its not a fixed charged it vaires so if anyone in houston have TARA Energy please tell me if u get that too……..or they are just charging me extra…?????????

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Answer by Chandra Gosai
I live in San Angelo, Tx and I also use TARA energy and also get that charged. The T&D charge is .02 per usage so that’s why it varies. It is some kind of a charge by the state.

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How to deal with scams and unfair billing?

Question by SummerBaby: How to deal with scams and unfair billing?
I had an account with TXU energy for about 1 year. the beginning was fine, after about 3 months my bill went from $ 120 to over $ 400. I complained to the company but nothing happened. Considering my household went from two to one this is outrageous. Has anyone else dealt with their thievery????
In this economy I do NOT have 400 plus dollars to give to a company. Is there anything else I can to besides file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau? any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Answer by Hair That Defies Gravity
They did the same thing to me so I got my power with Texaspoweronline.com and saved about 75%.The only problem was that I had to pay off my TXU bill first because they won’t allow service if you have an outstanding bill.My bill went from $ 350.00 to about $ 120.00.And after all that TXU actually had a couple of employees come to my house and ask why I quit service with them(had been with TXU for almost 20years)and wanted my business back.I told them if they can tell me why my bill went from about $ 100.00 to $ 350.00 in one month I was interested in listening.Needless to say they had no answer for me.I’ve been with my current company for a little over 5 years and never looked back.Just shop around,anything is better than TXU.Good luck.

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