How does trading pairs works when it comes to stocks?

Question by farzd: How does trading pairs works when it comes to stocks?
I just overheard about trading pairs, and I am very interested to know how does this technique work. Please be specific or use an example.

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Answer by Barry_Robbins_98
I have a great trading pair for you. Basically you pick 2 stocks that are very similar, but you think one is better than the other. So you short the one you don’t like (Sell-short) and go long on the one you do like. I think wind energy is going to be a better investment than coal, so I want to go long on Florida Power and Light (FPL), because they are the nation’s largest owner of wind farms. I want to sell-short TXU, because they are planning on building up to 10 new coal-fired power plants.

Now, even if both stocks go down, as long as FPL goes down less than TXU, you will make money.

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