Q&A: Which electricity plan is best for me , while living in an efficiency apartment , and trying to save some mone?

Question by Joe M: Which electricity plan is best for me , while living in an efficiency apartment , and trying to save some mone?

Which plan is best for me , while living in an efficiency apt. and trying to save money.
Hi guys,
I just “moved” from New York-Texas and guess what , I just moved to an efficiency apartment. Although I have lived in an apartment before, that was with my parents . So I am kind of clueless when it comes down to chosing the right electricity plan. So if you are someone who is already paying their electricity bills and is careful about saving money , I would be really glad if you answered this question.
enyway, currently I pay 399/month for an efficiency apartment in houston , texas and I already called up TXU and they told me I don’t have to pay a deposit , because I have a good credit and everything. But the plans really confused me so I was not able to make a commitment to TXU at that moment . But now I have probably one more day, before my apartment office people turn off the electricity and

I won’t have any electricity if I don’t act promptly and select a plan that’s best for me .

I guess my question is , which electricity plan is best for me from the following. I won’t be using that much energy. I am going to be really cautious about leaving even a single light on and to leave the A/C off when it’s not that hot.
here are my following options , By the way my lease, currently, is for 6 months

TXU Energy PriceGuarantee 24
TXU Energy Resident’s Choice
TXU Energy Texas Choice
TXU Energy MarketEdge
TXU Energy Texas Choice 24

here’s the link if you want more information .
Please help me since I would be sticking with ” your answer ” and chose the plan you advise for
the next 6 mos – 1 Year.Thank you so much.

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Answer by Bandett
looks like residential choice for you. —the ones that require 10% from alternatives would sell you elec. from costlier sources. RC SAYS IT IS FOR THOSE THAT want to save $ by restricting their usage to give you more control.

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Tips to save on electric bill?

Question by Rose: Tips to save on electric bill?
We live in a 900 something sq ft condo. It was built in 1970, so undoubtedly the insulation probably isn’t modernized. We have recently seen a significant increase in our electric bill (its about 150 now). I understand its the summer and that I live in Houston.. But I don’t see that as an excuse. My husband found black mold in the radiator/compressor of our ac (inside in the hallway in a door thing). We also had a filthy air filter which we remembered to replace. What are some better ways of conserving energy? We viewed the tips on Reliant.com (whom we have our light bill/energy from) and did a few of them, but some do not apply to us.

Any other tips to get this stinkin’ bill down?
We have the part wind, “money saving” plan where we have a contract.. btw.
My husband refuses to “be uncomfortable in his own home”, so he won’t let the ac go above 75.

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Answer by andre ea
Unplug devices when there not being used. Use candles for the showers. Turn off the lights when you don’t need them.

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