How to deal with scams and unfair billing?

Question by SummerBaby: How to deal with scams and unfair billing?
I had an account with TXU energy for about 1 year. the beginning was fine, after about 3 months my bill went from $ 120 to over $ 400. I complained to the company but nothing happened. Considering my household went from two to one this is outrageous. Has anyone else dealt with their thievery????
In this economy I do NOT have 400 plus dollars to give to a company. Is there anything else I can to besides file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau? any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Answer by Hair That Defies Gravity
They did the same thing to me so I got my power with and saved about 75%.The only problem was that I had to pay off my TXU bill first because they won’t allow service if you have an outstanding bill.My bill went from $ 350.00 to about $ 120.00.And after all that TXU actually had a couple of employees come to my house and ask why I quit service with them(had been with TXU for almost 20years)and wanted my business back.I told them if they can tell me why my bill went from about $ 100.00 to $ 350.00 in one month I was interested in listening.Needless to say they had no answer for me.I’ve been with my current company for a little over 5 years and never looked back.Just shop around,anything is better than TXU.Good luck.

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