Q&A: Why do we subsidize the alternative energy industry?

Question by sklohr101: Why do we subsidize the alternative energy industry?
The oil industry has been subsidized for decades. It’s a constant political hot button issue. If it’s such a bad thing to do, why is the current administration subsidizing “alternative energy” companies with taxpayer dollars? Will this not just enrich a different group of people, effectively doing the same thing that was done for big oil? So far four alternative energy companies are belly up, likely more to follow, where’s the outcry? If I’m not mistaken part of the “excuses” for those that have failed so far is due to foreign, “cheap labor”.

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Answer by GABY
Very good question! I guess it is like giving money to the endowment for the arts. It is nothing but politicians buying votes and giving other people’s money to favorites. It certainly does not make sense economically or logically.

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