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What is your electricity provider in Texas? - Tara Energy Q&A

Question by cornflakes: What is your electricity provider in Texas?
Hi everyone

I tried Reliant Energy and Tara Energy, but i’m still receiving high bill. I live in two bed-room apartment and my average bill is around $ 160

Any suggestion?

Best answer:

Answer by rcv4e
Change the light bulbs from regular bulbs to those swirl flourecent type. There as bright as the normal ones but use less watts. Get some blinds or curtains that keep out the sun. Go to home depo or lowes and ask if they have film or something you can put on windows to keep the heat out. Use those cheap blue filters instead of the 3m or brand name filters for your a/c heating* brand name type make your system work harder. can check out just energy — http://www.justenergy.com/faq.html

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