Residential Electricity Service

Are you moving to or relocating within the Houston Metro area and need to set up your residential electricity service? There are a number of residential electricity providers available in the Houston Metro area that will compete for your business. Since residential electricity became deregulated in , residents of the Houston Metro area have the choice of who supplies their residential electricity.

We list the best providers in the Houston Metro area, and include a number of factors into which residential electricity providers are featured on Electricity Scout. These include customer service, ability to sign-up online, no hidden fees, billing accuracy, availability of Green Energy options and more. These ensure we provide the best providers in the Houston Metro area that can and will help you save money on your residential electricity bill.

Every provider offers a variety of plans, each with different rates and terms, ranging from month-to-month, 6 month, 1 year, 2 year and even 3 year plans. Most people in the Houston Metro area have heard of the variable rate plans being offered as these offer no commitment, but now fixed rate plans are becoming more and more popular in for Houston Metro area.

Rates will vary depending on what part of the Houston Metro area you are in. The best way to find rates for your address is to enter in your name, email and ZIP code below and select what type of service you are looking for and Electricity Scout will help “scout” out the best electricity company for you and your family.