Water Service

Setting up Water service in the Houston Metro varies from individual city to city as this is a service almost always provided by just one company – who happens to be the city. If you are moving to the Houston Metro area the easiest way to find your city water department would be to do a quick Google search for your City Water Department e.g. “[your city]” water department”. This should be one of the first things you do before you move to the Houston Metro area and allow up to 1 week for the service to be established.

This is almost always where you set-up your trash and sewer services.

While you’re setting up your water service, don’t forget to set-up your electricity service, mail forwarding, home phone, internet and TV.

You’ll see that we collected a list of resources here on Electricity Scout for the Houston Metro area. These should be quick links for you to get through this process as quickly as possible. Why would we do this? We would like you to use our Scouting service to look through the electricity company reviews so you can feel confident you have the best electricity company for the Houston Metro area.

Our service is free to use and we hope provides value as you are establishing new home services. Please click here to see which companies provide electricity service in the Houston Metro area.