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Have you entered into contract with an energy company? - TXU Energy Q&A

Question by mspriveye: Have you entered into contract with an energy company?
Watch out for TXU telemarket calls offering you 14.6 or 7 cents fixed on your bill IF YOU will agree to not switch for one year.
They do not tell you it only applies IF you use less than 1,000 kwh.
So when your bill does not reflect the savings, and you cancel because they did not keep their promise, you pay 200 dollars early cancellation AND the usual high price. IT IS A SCAM. Do not enter into contracts with electric providers. They can hurt people who have great credit, or so they expect you to think. I would like to warn you and see if anyone else found out the hard way.

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Answer by globalreach
ok, thnx 🙂

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