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How much does a Nissan leaf and cost to Operate? And is it possible to get a level 2 charger for the car? - TXU Energy Q&A

Question by Wesley!!!: How much does a Nissan leaf and cost to Operate? And is it possible to get a level 2 charger for the car?
Im aware of the price But i cant find how much it will cost me on my electric bill to charge it. If I do get a Leaf i will get the Level 2 leaf.

I drive AT MOST 60 miles a day 6 days a week from home to work then to school.
I live in Texas and TXU is our energy provider
i want

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Answer by apeweek
The cost to drive a Leaf will depend on your local cost of electricity.
Nissan Leaf has an energy efficiency of 4 miles per kilowatt-hour. An average price for electricity in the USA is 11 cents per kilowatt-hour. However, most electric utilities offer a lower off-peak rate to electric car users when they charge their cars overnight. The overnight rate in my city is 6 cents per KWH.
6 cents divided by 4 miles equals a cost-per-mile of just 1.5 cents.
Compare this to the cost of gasoline. If gasoline costs about $ 4 per gallon, I could drive 266 miles for what you might otherwise spend on just one gallon of gas.
As you can see, the equivalent MPG above will vary a lot depending on the costs of electricity and gasoline. If you pay 12 cents per KWH of electricity, for example, your equivalent mileage is 133 MPG instead.
Or, if gasoline ever gets up to $ 5 per gallon, my cost-equivalent mileage becomes 333 MPG. (Note: the MPGe number you see on electric cars is used for comparing cars, but it doesn’t represent actual cost savings – those need to be calculated individually, as I have done here.)
Nissan has a level-2 charger, or you could shop for a different one – do a search on Amazon.com, for example.

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