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Q&A: How much is your electric bill each month? - TXU Energy Q&A

Question by Mommy of 2: How much is your electric bill each month?
Ok…my hubby and I have a small 3 bedroom, 2 bath house. We live in Texas and use TXU Energy as our electric company and our bills have been extremely high compared to our friends and family who have bigger houses! I know that prices change, but it is just so frustrating! We live in an area that only offers TXU or Reliant. This may not sound high to others, but this month our bill was close to $ 500 when a couple years ago we thought $ 200 was high. Is this expensive or average? Thanks
We keep our heat on 68 which I consider cold but I deal with it and our AC close to 80! We are not using a ton of electricity so I just don’t understand why it’s so high…and I have called and complained to the electric company and they give me no answers…

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Answer by M S
too much

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